Prepare yourselves for a Christmas Gift List onslaught! I decided I want to feature lists for children of every age, and put up a request on Facebook. ALL the mums I know were crazy-keen to share their lists, and every one is packed full of brilliant present ideas, so I’ve decided to feature all of them! With Christmas fast approaching, I’ve asked everyone to pick their items from Amazon, so that you can order them via Amazon Prime, and have them delivered ASAP. First up, my great friend Fiona Mckenzie Johnston, who has two children, Sholto and Esmeralda, and also finds time to write for Vogue Russia, her blog Joy As It Flies AND run a gorgeous interiors business called English Abode {coming soon – you’ll be craving their cushions!}. She has exceptional taste, so I’m super-thrilled to feature her Christmas Gift List for little girls aged 18 months to two years old.

{I want this!} Clockwise from Top Left

1. Childrens Flower Shopping Bag, £5.21 – Esmeralda won’t go anywhere without a handbag.

2. Children’s Blue Armchair with White Spots, £39.99 – Esmeralda is tiny, and can’t get into the chairs by herself. She’s love her own little one, and this one isn’t actually too expensive.

3. Silver Cross Ranger Pram, £54.99 – She would love taking her baby for a walk in this.

4. Kids Ladybird Umbrella, £2.99 – Esmeralda always tries to steal my umbrella when it’s raining, she blatantly needs her own!”

5. Kidkraft Large Wooden Precious Play Kitchen, £149.99 – This would be Esmeralda’​s top present for years to come. Her own kitchen. Bliss.

6. Sylvanian Families Champagne Rabbit Family, £15.99 {not pictured} – I’ve noticed Esmeralda eying up her friends’ Sylvanian Families, it might be time to get her her own. I’m looking forward to playing with them with her, too.

7. Sylvanian Families Daisy Cottage, £20.81 – Obviously, the Sylvanian Families need a house to live in.

8. Early Learning Centre Ballet Dress, £15.99 – She’s going to start ballet lessons soon. So she definitely wants this!

9. 16 Piece Kensington Blue Tea Set, £29.99 {not pictured} – Esmeralda LOVES her plastic tea set, and I think it might be time for an upgrade . . . .

10. Legler Dream Fabric Doll’s Cot, £25.99  – Esmeralda would love putting her baby to bed in this!

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